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Do you need direction, assistance with mapping out your smart goals and honing in on your vision?

  • Includes 2-hour intake and evaluation.
  • Ten 60-minute sessions held once a week for strategic planning, goal-setting, and accountability.
  • Two 90-minute re-evaluation sessions.


(VALUE OF $1250)

Business Evaluation & Goal Setting

Do you have your eye on the target and know exactly where you are going, but you just want a second set of eyes and an adviser?

  • Includes 2-hour intake and evaluation
  • Includes 2-hour strategic planning and goal setting session


(VALUE OF $400)

A La Carte

Not sure if you need a coach? Do you want to try out the water? Coaching sessions available a la carte.


Operation Overhaul

Do you feel like your business is always in crisis mode? Do your days catch on fire, giving you the urge to stop, drop, and roll? The Operation Overhaul package may be ideal for you. Schedule your 30-minute consultation today for a customized package. 

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